An Ancient powerful tool for the 21st century – Yoga

Yoga and meditation go back in time with a history of over 5 millenniums. They help in staying fit,
controlling the stress levels in the mind and dive deep into relaxation. But what exactly Yoga is and
how it helps our mind and body is what most people wonder. With its rapid advancements across
different borders, Yoga has found its way to dive into people’s lifestyles.
What is Yoga?
Yoga is a method of balancing the body and mind connection. It helps a person focus on different
body parts through specific postures and regulated breathing exercises. Yoga makes a person feel
connected to nature is the closest way.

Why was Yoga adopted across the globe in recent decades?
Different countries have adopted this ancient Indian practice to improve their lifestyle. Yoga has
shown effective results in improving the health of people suffering from many diseases. This practice
also improves the fitness and flexibility of a person by different exercising postures than involve the
movement of numerous muscles in the human body. The breathing exercises that are a part of Yoga,
help in controlling one’s mind and improve their focus. With such fascinating and impressive
developments, Yoga has made its way into many countries that have traditions, culture and lifestyle
very distant from that of the South Asian countries.
What Yoga has stored for us?
Yoga helps our body get into better shape and turn healthier with better muscle strength, fitness
and flexibility. It helps in losing weight while and maintaining body stamina. A person practicing Yoga
has been witnessed to improve eating habits and understand the necessities of the body. Many
health issues like thyroid, migraine, diabetes, breathing problems, spine-related problems, heart
problems etc. have been cured by practicing Yoga regularly. Apart from these physical effects being
a reason for its popularity, another crucial reason for Yoga being practiced across the globe is the
mental wellbeing of oneself. Yoga helps in establishing a very deep connection between the mind
and the body. It has proved to be an effective practice to strengthen the emotional well-being and
deal with high-stress levels and anxiety. To summarize, Yoga maintains the body healthy, with a
peaceful and focussed mind.
Ever wondered how many forms of Yoga exist?
Yoga is extensively practiced by millions of people. All these people widely practice the below 8
forms of Yoga in their daily routine.
1. Vinyasa Yoga: Helps in building muscle strength and improves the fitness of one’s body by
maintaining a high metabolism.
2. Ashtanga Yoga: This is a form of Yoga that involves swift body movements. It helps in burning
body fat and relaxing the mind.
3. Iyengar Yoga: This form of Yoga is practiced by maintaining the postures for longer durations. It
helps in weight reduction and gaining strength.
4. Bikram Yoga: This form of Yoga is practiced in heated rooms. It helps in regulating sleep, improve
breathing and flexibility of the spine. It also helps people with anxiety to focus their mind in a
meditative state and enhance their mental health.
5. Jivamukti Yoga: This form is Yoga is a combination of the physical, mental and spiritual health of a
person. It helps in detoxifying the body and improves blood circulation.
6. Power Yoga: This form of Yoga is also practiced with very quick movements of the body. It helps in
enhancing the stamina of a person and release toxins through stress.
7. Sivananda Yoga: This form of Yoga is holding the asana postures and relaxing the mind. It helps in
changing the mind into a calmer state and enhancing self-awareness of oneself.
8. Yin Yoga: This is a form of Yoga that is done very slowly by holding the specific postures for a
particular duration. This helps in reducing stress and improving blood circulation.
With so many forms having such fascinating effects on the human body, Yoga has become one of the
most popularly practiced disciplines across the globe. So, gear up! Choose your form of Yoga to dive
into a discipline so potent, and explore a world within yourself.

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  4. In this corona pandemic…. i think yoga should be part of everyone lifestyle. Very informative blog…keep it up.

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