India Struggles to Survive

You can scream all you want. You can fight all you want. Sit on hunger strikes and raise slogans. We are the traders of Indian pride and we shall never let peace be upon this nation.

A story in itself, India. It is a nation full of unsung heroes, brimming patriotism, customs and traditions, diverse culture, brotherhood and harmony. Or should I say, ‘was’? Despite the Constitution guarding the right and the dignity of our country and its citizen, injustice, corruption, moral imbalance, poverty, power play, crime and hooliganism are on a Sharp rise. We’ve forgotten all the tales where a handful of people struggled to release India from the clutches of invaders and rulers. We’ve read about the greatest minds of the past century and the dream they had for this nation. We talk of the sacrifices of the martyrs but fail to acknowledge them. We’re headed on a journey of forgetting the very essence for which lives were summoned and battles fought, Our Heritage. We’ve just dumped it into the trash and still claiming that we are on our way to becoming a ‘Superpower’.

Unity in diversity are mere words now. The tourist no more are awestruck by the beauty of Taj, rather they pity at the sight of the architectural masterpiece turning a victim of our actions. The world looks down upon us now for ruining our own wealth that is not only measured by the finances but also by the history a place holds. Some blame the youth and others blame the rigged government. Some criticise the policies while others intentionally violate the law of the country. To some justice is denied and some only believe in the ill-practises. Only when we see it on the news channels, we take up the issue of our declining culture and heritage seriously. Though, it is forgotten as soon as we switch off our minds when we turn the television off. We are heading towards the dark time where India is weakening politically, economically, culturally, morally and socially. It is not only the ‘power -bearers’ who can be taken as the culprit for all the wrong our nation faces. The devastating truth is , it is us as well.

Until and unless, we all aren’t on the same page of this book we call ‘Our Heritage’ , we cannot call ourselves progressive. If our forefathers thought we were worth of taking care of the wonders India has to offer, maybe now it’s time to act and prove them right

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17 thoughts on “India Struggles to Survive”

  1. Radhika Mishra

    This article carries a wonderful message which has been beautifully framed and is the need of the hour. A must read for each citizen!💙

    1. Varnika Singh

      I’ll be glad if this even reaches a small audience. It’s more about people understanding it. Thank you so much.

  2. Dr.Aunkar Singh

    Wonderful Post,An Eye Opner post,A Post to awake Public nd our Shrude Politicians,A brief review on our rich heritage, culture, civilization from which we r deviating….. it’s so true not to forget our unsung heroes who sacrifice fr the nation….Crime graph nd corruption rate so high…. Thanks fr such a nice post….Keep it up…

    1. Varnika Singh

      Thank you so much for the appreciation. I’m so glad the message in this article is reaching out clearly.

  3. Congratulations! I read your blog..its really well thought and written. God give her more power to write on our political, social and other related issues. We are in great need of such a powerful wishes

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