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Have you ever imagined your article showing up on the Mindselo Blog, and being read by our global audience? For the first time in Mindselo, we’re launching our “Mindselo Creators” program! We want to host high-quality, heart-driven, original content written by tribe members like you.

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Stand for unity
We believe in the power of Unity. Together we can do more. Different People, Culture, Ideas together On a Mission.

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The Mindselo Blogs aims to develop the mindsets of people. Together we can manifest a big vision.

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We believe that Every Life Matters and to transform the lives of people, these life long learnings are precious to inspire and give a solution to their problems.

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Palak Sahni

Self Care- The secret to strong mental health

We are all known to the phrase “health is wealth”, and it indeed in itself displays the significance of health. We all struggle with different problems in our lives, be it social, mental, physical or emotional. Similarly, many of us have also been victims of depression, anxiety, stress, violence, etc. But amidst all of this we forget to nurture ourselves.


Tulip Mittal

Being Kind

“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds.
A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.”

These words are aptly used by Saint Basil to emphasise of the importance of kindness. What does one mean by kindness? Is there a need for kindness? Should people really make an extra effort to make someone’s day better?

3D render of a female in a yoga pose against a sunset landscape
Divya Gaikwad

Divya Gaikwad

An Ancient powerful tool for the 21st century – Yoga

Yoga and meditation go back in time with a history of over 5 millenniums. They help in staying fit,
controlling the stress levels in the mind and dive deep into relaxation. But what exactly Yoga is and
how it helps our mind and body is what most people wonder. 

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