Sex education – Indian culture on the verge of extinction?

Does anyone know who is the founder of ‘Kamasutra’? Or does anyone know in which country it originated? Well, the answer is simple if you are broad-minded or at least interested in shaping your basic knowledge! Well, Vatsyayana Mallanaga, an ancient Indian philosopher is the man behind this. Those uncles and aunties who are always concerned about preserving our culture should show their concern here too. Because this topic, a part of our ‘Sanskriti/culture/history’, is also on the verge of extinction. Though preserving culture isn’t necessary here, it is quite relatable. Because ultimately conserving and discussing India’s idea is all about our mentality on ‘sex education’.

Usually when we talk about ‘sex education’ the only word which highlights to us is ‘sex’. Isn’t it? But who is responsible for such a mentality? Me, you, your parents, or our society? Think once from the depth of your heart! But for me, society is the only reason for shaping our minds like this! Because for some people talking regarding this topic makes their impression down in front of others, but abusing mothers and sisters makes them feel like now they are mature.

But apart from this keeping yourself clean is important too. Then why do parents (usually) don’t teach their kids to remove hair from areas wherever required? And if that guy is caught learning this necessary thing from the internet, then he/she would be either beaten or scolded. Hello uncle! If you aren’t doing any good work, then please don’t stop others too!

This time I don’t want to discuss how schools can improve their teaching techniques or how parents can fit themselves into a nutshell accordingly to teach children about the topic ‘sex education’! Because schools and parents aren’t at fault every time.

Children and teens up to 21 years of age learn what they are interested in. So if a guy doesn’t want to learn regarding ‘sex education’ in a correct manner and just want to live in dreams of going to Bangkok and Thailand, then it’s entirely his fault. No parent or teacher(s) can change his mindset.


A child hesitates to talk with his father regarding this topic but would secretly watch 18+ shows! And the funniest thing is, that guy terms this shitty activity as ‘basic sex education’.

Why do we always count this topic ‘out of Indian values’? Are kids born only by taking 7 rounds in a marriage hall? No one! Then please stop referring to this under Indian values and all! We all know what are our values, but here it’s a matter of correct education.

We Indians never step in a work where we don’t find profit (usually). Isn’t it? So, those who think logically for this topic don’t need to think about how this will be profitable for their personal life.

 But those who still want to know, then here it goes: if you are aware of this topic than this can smooth up your personal life (a profit); If you are aware of this topic than you can be saved from doing mistakes and going to jail at an early age (one more profit); if you are aware of this topic then a girl of small age can be saved from being pregnant and abortion of her child wouldn’t be also practiced (a profit with humanity). One should note that according to the last UNAIDS report, there were 2300,000 people of 15 years and above, living with HIV in India. Hence, apart from this, I don’t think anyone needs further explanation!

At last, I could only say that if today internet facilities are available then use them in a wise manner. Because we are aware of the Indian population stats in the 1980s (when there was no internet). And not only that era! We know our population mark today also – 135 crore. Does this seem less or we want to make a double ton?! Hence, be aware, be safe from myths, and get the correct education because ‘precaution is better than cure’.

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